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scrap cscs cards

4 Comments 14th July 2010

i cant work because of these,when this scheme came out my employer sorted it out ,i got one easy because i was an experienced worker,when the work dropped off ,i did not bother to renew my card,they only last five years by the way,now its to late,you have to get nvqs to get one,without the card i cant get on site even to clean the canteen part time, which was a job i had seen and was interested in now i,m getting on a bit ,i had previousley had a site supervisors  card and overseen the demolition of several buildings,i had several cards for operating plant, all those have now expired they too only last five years,these cards are just a barrier to work,and are not easily available,the construction industry will be in a big mess when building starts up again.

Why does this matter?

cscs cards are a barrier to work.

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4 Responses to scrap cscs cards

  1. matthew keen says:

    hi whole heartedly agree with you, they are another stealth tax and why they have to be renewed is a farce, if you pass the test once they qualification should stay with you for life , just like a degree or nvq, it’s disgusting and is a prime example of how awful and money grabbing our country has become.

  2. John Sutton says:

    Has nowt to do with whether your a proper tradesman/woman , its purely a money making racket for the mummies boys /girls that run and ruin this country

  3. Steve Shepherd says:

    The CSCS card is worthless and is a money making scam. In a couple of years time they will change things again and you will have to pay again for another test. The CSCS card is not a legal requirement. Building sites complain there is a skills shortage but people aren’t prepared to pay vast amounts of money to have a worthless card. Avoid building sites that require it they will soon change their tune !

  4. Andrew cawte says:

    I’ve been a fully qualified skilled carpenter / joiner since 1984 I recently when back to college and completed a three year college Bricklaying course I took the cscs card test passed with 92% and they issued me with a green cscs which I later found out is a labourers card and I can’t get the cscs card people to put this right I’ve sent them my city&guild qualifications to put this right but they say they want nvq qualifications which didn’t exist when I did my apprenticeship ps but they took £80 twice

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