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Scrap ELQ for vocational courses in FE colleges

1 Comment 12th February 2015

 FE (further education) courses should not be subject to ELQ (equivalent or lower level qualification) restrictions on funding support, as people should be able to retrain for vocational careers. It would make much more economic sense and get people back into work.

Why does this matter?

My husband got his degree 8 years ago and did biology, now he cant become a vet tech or vet nurse because the course he wants to do is lower than the qualification he has but is mandatory for the job.He doesnt want to be a vet because he is not academic enough. He also thought about becoming an electrican but cant do that course either for same reasons . now he wishes he never did his degree as it has made him unable to get a decent job.

in this economic climate is is appalling he cant retrain to a more vocational career.

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One Response to Scrap ELQ for vocational courses in FE colleges

  1. Sam says:

    I fully agree

    This policy effectively creates a situation where the further a person pursued his academic education the fewer options he has.

    This is particularly harsh for young graduates who cant get a job because they are less likely to have been able to save the money to privately fund their courses. This means those with rich parents can re-train and start earning larger salaries while those with poor parents are trapped in poverty for at least as long as this legislation lasts

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