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Scrap Feed-in Tariffs

Comment 2nd July 2010

I think we should scrap feed-in tariffs which encourage individuals to produce small scale renewable electricity.

Why does this matter?

I don't disagree that something urgent needs to be done about this countries carbon emissions, however, I firmly do not believe that feed-in tariffs are a suitable way in which to achieve these reductions.

Small scale energy production requires a great deal of equipment (think of the material required for 20 small wind turnbines compared to 1 large turbine producing the same energy).  Our energy options must look beyond the mere production of energy and also consider the life cycle analysis of such production.

I would prefer if the money being spent on feed-in tariffs (which primarily goes to middle-class home owners) was spent improving the insulation in the houses of the estimated 10% of this country who live in fuel poverty. Increased energy efficiency of homes which requires a 1 time contribution from the government contributes to less energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and ultimately lower energy bills without requiring endless maintenance nor unsustainable longterm tariffs.

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