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Scrap ID cards for FOREIGNERS!!!!

Comment 1st July 2010

Dear Deputy Prime Minister,


I appeal to to the idea of scrapping ID cards for all foreigners as it is a clear discrimination against our human rights in this country and costly governmental spendings of taxpayers money which can be diverted for other good deeds like free English languages lessons and affordable housing.

Why does this matter?

I do not understand why foreigners must carry some new proposed ID cards and British nationals do not need them? Are you trying to segregate the society and discriminate against our human civil rights and what are the necessities and benefits of it when you can spend those money on building more much more then currently projected affordable cheap houses for ordinary people and even grant some quotas and offer cheap lifetime mortgages to highly skilled migrants who contribute to the UK economy enormously with their skills which others can not do and help UK businesses to compete in global arena.

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