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Scrap Infant class size appeals

1 Comment 7th August 2010

Scrap infant (class size) school admission appeals and allow parents to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman instead.

I work for the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and have handled school admission complaints for over 20 yrs.

Unlike other appeals, parents have virtually no chance of winning unless they can show a mistake in the admission process.  Complaints about that could be dealt with by the LGO much more cheaply and effectively.

The only other ground for appeal currently is effectively a Wednesbury unreasonable argument.  Courts have even backed the refusal of such appeals where they involve twins (one given the 30th place, the other not given a place).

Why does this matter?

Would save a lot of time and money (for councils, parents and schools) and dashed hopes where no there is no chance of success,

LGO investigations are also likely to be more thorough where admission mistakes are alleged.

So cheaper & better justice, and less false hope.

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One Response to Scrap Infant class size appeals

  1. Frank says:

    ICSP appeals are a waste of time. Over 30,000 are lodged every year. A conservative estimate is that each cost £100 to administer by Clerks. On the private market, this can be much higher.

    That’s an immediate saving of at least £3million.

    Excellent idea.

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