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Scrap On/Off peak price increases

Comment 3rd August 2010

Why are train prices, cinema prices, telephone calls and holiday prices etc. allowed to increase willy-nilly just because it's a certain time of day/week/year.  You don't see Bakers' Oven putting up sandwich prices at lunch, do you? Why should this be any different?


For me to get to London at 8am will cost a huge £40; I wait 40 minutes and it halves to £20. Why? I'm not any more of a burden at 8 than 9, surely?

Holidays – School complain and will take action if you miss school, but how are we supposed to go on holiday in half-terms if the prices rocket?

Why does this matter?

My idea is important as it is an issue that effects thousands of people every single day – more than once!

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