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Scrap religious assemblies in schools

Comment 10th July 2010

Scrap the law that says that all schools must hold an act of (broadly Christian) collective worship every day because:

• It forces young people to pray or worship in other ways, regardless of their personal beliefs

• It does not respect children’s and young people’s rights to freedom of religion or belief

• It does not recognise the plurality of beliefs in the UK

• The system whereby you can opt your child out of religious worship is deeply flawed in theory and practice

• Under 16s can’t opt-themselves out without their parents’ permission

• Inclusive assemblies are a better alternative and contribute more to well being and development.

Why does this matter?

In the future, we should be an open-minded, egalitarian society, with no prejudices imposed on young minds.  Children must grow up and think for themselves, without being exposed to anachronistic religious propaganda.

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