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Scrap Sections 12-15 of the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Comment 15th July 2010

This Act dates from the pre-digital age and is no longer appropriate. There are a huge number of published works that are in a 'limbo' situation where they are not in print but still governed by copyright laws. Change the rules so that once a work has been out of print for a certain time (say, 3 years) it automatically loses its copyright status (with a possible opt-out mechanism for those authors who do not wish that to happen despite no longer earning royalties).

Why does this matter?

It is ridiculous that works remain in copyright even when their authors are no longer earning any royalties from them. My proposal would enable such works to be scanned and placed on the Internet with a consequent huge increase in the accessibility of knowledge and learning that would therefore be made available to all.

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