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Comment 7th July 2010

Scrap SP and allow the TSA to monitor the programme and assess quality of all social housing providers whether they are RSL's or not.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because it could get rid of another government quango and save local government a considerable amount of money on resourcing local SP teams. The principle of SP was excellent to monitor the quality of providers providing Housing related support. In recent years SP  have primarily focused on the past Governments tick box cuture of who has achived what and how quickly have they moved on. For some people this is not possible in the time frames required by SP. The provider is then seen  to be failing if the person does not move on in the time frame required and the SP team use this as a blunt weapon to save money by closing or retendering the service. Competitve tendering in this sectore also casues more cost than the exercise in tendering. If a provider meets the standards set then they should be given a long standing contract that enables them to build a service without the fear of losing it every few years. Work to improve standards not work towards short sighted cost savings.

I would suggest passing the powers back to the TSA formerly (Housing Corp)  for all providers who recieve SP grant.

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