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Scrap the £720 to become a British citizen

1 Comment 24th January 2015

If a person has come to the UK for a new life, who is married always paid taxes and been living in the UK for over 10 years I feel should not have to pay £720 for citizenship this is a lot of money to find and unfair.

Why does this matter?

I think that if you have lived here for over 10 years paid into the system and settled down they should have the right to become a British citizen if they want to, not to be told you have to pay £720 if they are on the minimum wage and doing a important job to the country it would be hard for them to find this large amount of money so I feel this is very unfair for genuine people who are important to this country.

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One Response to Scrap the £720 to become a British citizen

  1. Andy says:

    Soon it will cost English students £27000 to become a graduate, but an immigrant or asylum seeker only £720 to become a British citizen.

    Perhaps it should be £27000 to become a British citizen? If there is a benefit to becoming a graduate then there is MOST certainly a benefit on becoming British!

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