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Scrap the 90 Day notice. (Employment Contracts)

2 Comments 28th July 2010

Everybody has the right to negotiate their contract for conditions of employment, either collectively through their union or Individually.

Employers at the moment ruthlously use the 90 day notice to force the work force into balloting in favour of an unfair contract especially when the employees have rejected their conditions overwhelmingly.

The 90 day notice is a violation of peoples human rights especially under article 3 of HRA where the employees are threatened with the loss of their employment, this also has a detrimental affect on their family life as well (article 8).

Recently the ECJ ruled that the people have the fundamental right to collective bargaining, the 90 day ruling denies people this right.

Therefore this 90 day ruling is incompatible with the Human rights act 1998 and the european court of Justice ruling and must be expunged from this country's Legislation.

Why does this matter?

To stop unfair employment contracts being forced onto employees.

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2 Responses to Scrap the 90 Day notice. (Employment Contracts)

  1. Jackie Prosser says:

    I totally agree that it is nufair. It is just employer bully tactics.

  2. Jackie Prosser says:

    I agree it is unfair.

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