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Scrap the compulsory BBC tax (licence fee)

Comment 20th July 2010

At a time when essential public services are being taxed, there can surely be no justification for continuation of compulsory public funding for an organisation that has equivalents, that would be more than adequate if the BBC was to be scrapped in its present form. If people had the choice whether to  use the BBC or not, I'm sure that many of us wouldn't think that the BBC represented value for money as individual consumers. If people want to use the BBC, how about a "pay as you go" system?

Why does this matter?

The BBC is not an essential consumer service. The police, the NHS, the Fire Service, refuse collection services etc.. are. There would not be major disruption if the BBC were scrapped.The BBC is a luxury that everyone is compelled to pay for whether they want it or not. We live in times that cutbacks must be made.The licence fee could be deflected to something that is essential to our welfare. Get rid of it.

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