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SCRAP the National Tenants Voice

Comment 20th July 2010

Save lots of money! scrap the NTV! not only does it not represent the majority of tenants south of Manchester (except London) but the bodies that hold the seats do not wholly represent their claimed numbers of tenants either.

And seriously -is it wise for Grant Shapps to be associated with Nic Bliss? the guy who forced tenants at his co-ops (20/20) into eviction and caused distress and harassment to them? what sort of tenant rep is that?

one would have thought as Nic settled the most damaging claims against him out of court, and then lost the appeal on the stuff he thought he'd get away with it would be a big clue for the Housing Minister???

Why does this matter?

because the many tenant reps from the South were excluded from the beginning and the "interview process" was a sham.

it was a job for the boys program for the supporters of the TSA which thankfully is on the way out!

save the cash spent in supporting the NTV and put it into grants to give to the local authorities to build more houses!

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