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Scrap the Plant Passport Laws

Comment 6th July 2010

The Ministry of Fun and Crazy Risk Aversion certainly was around when DEFRA, or was it MAFF introduced the Plant Passport Laws.This is not a joke, it is a very complex system of paperwork, registers, permits , inspectors and little Passport tickets for plants, especially for plants that come from abroad, including the EU.

Of course the Civil Service will say, Mr Humphrey style, "that it is in the interest of environmental security and safety that all plants casn be traced when being moved from commercial premises to other commercial premises." The fact that as soon as Joe Public buys the plants and moves them to a garden or farm  and that  no traceability is then required just shows that the whole Plant Passport nonsense is nothing more than a jobs for the boys scheme; work creation and another burden to the taxpayer and commercial sector.

The public were given dire scenarios by DEFRA that all the Rhododendrons and Oaks in England would die within a year if the passports weren't brought in ranks among all the other scares we have had as just another misinformed government department panicking and creating work for the sake of it. We had eggs; we had millenium bugs; we had Spanish Flu; we had the slaughter of millions of healthy animals by Blairs Barbarians and yet Plant Passports are still the Law.

All plant passports do is cost money, time and keep jobsworths employed.

Why does this matter?

This is a red tape that is ridiculous and is quite unnecessary. HM Gov seem to listen to their own academic scientists without consulting with industry, people, technical and applied scientists and farmers and growers. The result is we get costly cumbersome rules and regulations that are straight out of the Monty Python and Goon Show performances.

Get rid of it and all laws like it. (Bent bananas, misshapen carrots etc etc)

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