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Scrap the Police

Comment 4th July 2010

The police should be scrapped and the general public should be encouraged to enforce the laws of this land themselves as they see fit. As well as getting a phone book every year you could get a "Law Book" which lists all this countries laws, and then use it to catch crims and lock them up in your pantry or spare room if you don't have a pantry. In fact you could probably skip sending the book out as most people know what's right & wrong anyway so laws aren't probably that necessary either.

Why does this matter?

The Police as an institution have been round for a few centuries and frankly they haven't been much good – crimes are still happening and when the crims are caught they get a nice play to stay which is better equipped than some of the big hotels in London, they should stop calling jail jail and call it Crime School – where you can learn to be a better criminal

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