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Scrap the toll booths at the M25 Dartford Crossing

3 Comments 1st July 2010

The queues to the toll booths at the Dartford Crossing are abominable. Scrap the toll booths at each end and the traffic will flow smoothly. The congestion in this area is beyond a joke. It regularly takes and hour to an hour and a half just to travel from the previous junction to the crossing. This must cost businesses a fortune in terms of time wasted, and for the individual it is the most frustrating experience.

We were promised that once the Bridge was paid for the toll would be abolished.

Why does this matter?

I am sick of sitting in barely moving traffic whenever I have to travel to Kent and back. For those that have to do it daily it is an utterly miserable experience. The Highways Agency website states that studies have suggested that growth would be more rapid if a charge was not applied. What utter rubbish. People use the wretched crossing because they have to, with or without a charge.

It is not the charge that irks me as much as the completed wasted time spent trying to get across the river.

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3 Responses to Scrap the toll booths at the M25 Dartford Crossing

  1. Keith Hollis says:

    Absolutely a good idea, let’s get rid of the toll booths altogether, it just creates massive traffic jams at peak times and is a frustration for all drivers. I’m perfectly willing to pay for the bridge through other means such as higher car tax or higher petrol prices, I just want to be able to drive between Essex and Kent in less than an hour!!

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Why agree to pay more in petrol to pay for the bridge?
    It`s already paid for. Money is going straight into governments back pocket!!!

  3. In February 1999, someone at the then Labour Department for Transport issued a statement that said the Dartford Tolls would be scrapped after they were paid for. Any ideas who that was? I find it difficult to see it that John Prescot was behind it, or maybe it was John Reid. They soon changed their minds though.

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