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Scrap work permits

1 Comment 18th January 2015

Scrap work permits entirely.If someone is legally resident in the UK, let them work and contribute to the economy instead of being economically inactive.

EU nationals are already exempt from the need for work permits and more people will become exempt as the EU enlarges, so why not hasten the demise of these documents and the bureaucracy that goes along with them?

Why does this matter?

Baroness Scotland’s difficulties with her cleaner last year demonstrated how difficult it is for small businesses to ascertain the right to work of their employees. Larger firms cope, but at a hidden cost – all the paperwork must be paid for. Meanwhile, in HR departments across the land, photocopies of passports and other documents containing our personal data are stored needlessly in case of audit by the Border Agency.

Let’s just be rid of the whole system and be grateful for people that want to help grow the economy and contribute taxes, even if they are ineligible to claim benefits from the state.

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