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Scrap work permits

Comment 2nd July 2010

Scrap work permits. If someone is allowed to be resident in the UK, whether temporarily or permanently, then let them work and contribute to the economy.

Why does this matter?

Businesses risk large fines if they make a mistake in checking details of nationailty; and we all put our personal data at risk by letting employers fill filing cabinets with photocopies of our passports, utility bills and other documents. The UK Border Agency wastes a vast amount of money tracking down “illegal workers”. And to what end? If people are living here, then let them work and pay tax.

Legalising work for people who are not currently eligible for work permits would also have the advantage of preventing unscrupulous employers from paying people less than the minimum wage. Everyone wins if everyone is allowed to work; and we would comply with article 23 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights too!

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