Scrapping of CCTV Cameras in Classrooms in Schools

Since around about 2008 more and more classrooms throughout the UK have been installing CCTV survellience equipment under many forms of guises some claiming for monitoring behaviour others for teacher training. In my eyes this act is a step to far especially when cameras were installed in multiple rooms in my own school under the claim of teacher training. The information commissioner was not consulted nor was legal advice, it is a sickening invasion of privacy and goes only further to soften up our children to accepting a big brother state. To make matters worse the company that sells such equipment Class Watch was chaired by Tory MP and now Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Children and Families Tim Loughton. If that is not a conflict of interests and a complete stain on his position then I'm not sure what is. Throughout the installation of these cameras no student was consulted or parental consent asked. I have campaigned rigourously against this gross invasion of privacy and our childrens right to an undisturbed education where they can freely speak their mind without the fear of who is watching or listening.

Why does this idea matter?

My idea is significant because it highlights the hypocrisy of our country, that we may have the longest history of liberties but under the last government we allowed them to literally be destroyed. To make matters worse a Tory MP was chairing a company that sold this technology and turned over profit doing it to schools, when he was Shadow Minister for Children; if that did not undermine his role at the time then what does. The idea is that under Labour’s big brother scheme few people looked at what was going on in the heart of our schools, fingerprint systems were introduced for lunchs and cameras installed classrooms such absurtities that can remind you only of Orwell’s 1984. Whilst this went on in my own school most people blinked an eye without care. Our young people have forgotten the importance of their liberties and under the last government have been left to fend for themselves in the protection of their liberty. The Information Comissioner’s Office is overflown with breaches of data protection and privacy laws, so¬† much that when I complained about the camera’s in my school the case was not reviewed until April this year when the incident happened about a year ago; whilst the cameras have been running since. The furure of any society rests souley on the opinons and morals of it’s young people, to allow them to be softened up at a young age is to allow their own morals and opinons to be encroached thus stunting our society. It is simply surveillence gone mad and no excuse makes it acceptable especially not in the way they’ve been implemented. That is why I propose that in your Freedom Bill you state that you will investigate unlawful CCTV in school classrooms and push for them to be scrapped.

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