Section 44 – Photography

I'm sorry, but the idea that a photographer cannot persue their passion photographing a building (on public property), a landscape scene or something else that seems to scare the life out of the Tripod Police is a joke.  Section 44 'stop and search' has been abused by the Boys in Blue and overzealous security guards.  What gets me is that I am photgraphing (i.e. Big Ben) with a 10-20mm lens, equipped with filters and (the important bit) a tripod, while Johnny Foreigner is snapping away with their 8mp mobile phone with a x50 lens built in….now come on…..

Why does this idea matter?

To restore faith in our wonderful country and allow us to move freely and allow us to have freedom.  I have more freedom in Ukraine and Russia taking pictures than in this country now.  Let the police do their work, but allow us to have some civil liberties….

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