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Comment 3rd July 2010

The problem facing Britain seems to me to be the failure to learn the lesson we were all taught at primary school in the 70's – namely share and share alike. Share the work and share the rewards fairly to everyone. A good start would be to set a maximum wage of say 10 times the minimum wage. What, you want more than 10 times somebody else??  You could have more overall if you made the minimum more overall?? 80 hours at work on £30 per minute as a callout solicitor for the nightly arrested burgulars?? Who wouldnt sign up for that?? Pah!!! Share the hrs of work and the rewards in wages amongst us all and we will all have money to spend to grow the economy.

Why does this matter?

The idea is important for so many obvious reasons. To redistribute the wealth – to reward people who do the jobs you don't want to. To make society fairer and safer. To abolish unemployment completely by sharing the work out fairly amongst us all. To ease over working and reduce health issues such as repetitive strain injuries, over lifting, accidents caused by working too many hrs. etc.etc

To lower prices as the excess charges added to products, used to pay for these exhoberant wages we currently witness day in day out will no longer be necessary. Excess earnings in a company can go to the community pot to pay for public amenities. 

Prove we are all valued as equal and just as important as anybody else instead of all the rewards going to the ones doing the least, stop consistently putting the worse end of the stick onto the employee, share it out as equals. If you find the job is full of tasks no one wants to do, change it with innovation or dont do it at all.

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