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Severely restrict Trade Union strangle-hold on the UK

Comment 1st July 2010

Let us return to the Thatcherite notion of severely restricting the power of Trade Unions. 

Why does this matter?

In an age when the country is bankrupt and companies are facing squeezed margins, the Trade Unions often seem to think that calling a strike ballot is the solution.  Of course, they wrap it up with statements such as "we have no wish to cause disruption" etc etc but the reality is that these Unions are still as militant at their core as they were back in the 70s when Margaret Thatcher bravely took them on and won.

The British Airways and Royal Mail strikes were disgraceful and disrupted the lives of many people.

The Unions are dinosaurs – no longer needed and extremely unhelpful.  They seem to have little desire to embrace change – something we all have to do in these difficult times.  It's about time the public sector were no longer shielded from market forces and made to enter the real world in which which the private sector already exists.  For example, the public sector moans about pension erosion yet those of us with private pensions have been exposed to this for years!

I would ban Unions altogether if I had my way but I appreciate that will never happen.  However, please let's get real and severely clip the Unions' wings.

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