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Sex Education

Comment 12th July 2010

Start sex education at around 11 or 12.  Give the basic facts which need to be known and not tell of different positions, homosexuality etc.  That can come if necessary at say, 14, when the youngsters are more mature and able to understand emotions.

The sexual content of many magazines aimed at pubescent girls should be severely toned down or, preferebly, removed.

Why does this matter?

At the moment I feel sex education is given at too young an age and is too graphic.  It is almost as though the teacher is saying 'This is what you can get up to – off you go and experiment'  The students are not always told to use the word NO.  Neither is there emphasis on being in a solid partnership or the emotional effects on a girl who has been talked into doing 'it'

To teach sex education to under 11s is, to my way of thinking, criminal and tantamount to grooming.  It destroys childhood innocence and freedom.

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