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Showing legally docked dogs

Comment 7th July 2010

Whilst I am prepared to accept the law regarding the docking of dogs, exception being working dogs, I cannot understand the attempt to prevent people showing their legally docked dogs in England and Wales.  The law states we may not show those dogs docked on or after…… in front of the paying public. 

Why does this matter?

This law is discriminatory as it prevents the best dual purpose HPR gundogs being shown at Crufts and many other shows, inculding Agricultural shows with a Dog Show Section. It divides those gundog breeds into working and showing types, something we have tried very hard to prevent over the years in my breed, the Hungarian Vizsla.  It seems to go against the accent on health and fitness for function and purpose, and the very best dogs should be seen by the public.  Please consider removing this unnecessary part of the law. I could incidentally allow my legally docked dog to perform  agility in front of said public. 

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