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simple law

Comment 20th July 2010

We have too many laws applying to the motorist.

To enable any form of "aire" system to work, it is local authorities who need to have the means to remove persons and vehicles not complying with the rules ( limited days of stay, no commercial vehicles, etc. ) without recourse to the expensive and time consuming legal system as at present.

In France and Spain, if you do not move on when told to do so by the police, your vehicle can be impounded……so you move on !

Give councils this sort of backing, and they may stop their defensive attitude of height restrictions and No Camping signs.

Already, if you park your car illegally, it can be removed without court orders. Moving on those who abuse an "aire" system could be made as simple.

Why does this matter?

It promotes tourism, costs almost nothing, and is for the greater good.

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