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Simplification of the Law

Comment 27th July 2010

The law as it stands either criminal or otherwise is far too complicated to understand. Some laws even qualified lawyers find it hard to understand. Surely this could and should be changed & the sum of all the people in our country made aware of it.

Why does this matter?

For those that are like who come from an under privileged background without much education in the family this can make all the difference between living a life of crime and one without. Example:  You live in an estate, someone pinches your bike, you report it to the police who are not interested. You see someone riding your bike and try and retrieve it yourself and get punched in the face BUT this time do nothing about it. Your 10 and so you begin a journey of staying outside the law! Easy, true and happens all the time. Time we broke this cycle & no wonder it is those from the poorest background that are victims of most crimes & are also the largest group going through the criminal justice system!

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