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Simplify the HGV Tacho Laws. Remove Highways Agency Cars

Comment 9th July 2010

The laws on HGV drivers hours are ridiculous. They are complicated and most seem to be just to raise money from fines. The VOSA cars that wait on the motorway to catch offending drivers only stop foreign lorrys and would surely be better placed on the ports checking the lorrys entering the country. I also think that Highways Agency Traffic patrols are a waste of time as they have no powers and cause more problems than they solve. The overhead warning signs on motorways are normally incorrect too.

Why does this matter?

The tacho laws are ridiculous because I can drive a car or van for as long as I wish without stopping but can be forced to sleep in a layby, 10 minutes from home, in my HGV if I have been driving for 9 hours, with breaks in between. Surely it is safer to get a good sleep at home even if it means driving for 10 or 20 minutes longer.

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