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Single Mum & Young Parent

Comment 5th July 2010

Young single mum & young parent abusing benefit. They refused to get a job spending every single penny on drugs, alcholo,things that not needed…in another word spending money like runing water, these young people do not know the value of money. They get pregent so that they can claim benefit, house and money from the goverment, after giving birth they neglect the child. I have one example of these kind in my family. These people have never work in their life, some parent and grand parent spoiled these young people by saying..oh their spoiled and behave like that is because they have hard life….well all I can say about these parent is that they don't know what is the real hardship is like themself, take a look at the yound people in asia, if you send these spoiled young english people for a month, I beg you on the first or second day they will be crying to come home.

Their attitude is why should I get a job when I can just sit at home and get the benefit from the goverment.

Why does this matter?

Get them to do some volunteer work like in any association that need volunteer, work a few hours a day. If they refused they don't get any benefit. They have to learn that in these world nothing come for free. Also making them realize that if they want more money they have to get a job.

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