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Single Transferable Vote

Comment 10th July 2010

I would propse that the FPTP system that we use at the moment for general elections should be replaced not by AV but STV. There are no doubt benefits to all sytems of voting but we are meant to be a democracy and ultimatly we need a sytem that accuratly reflects the opinion of the public.

How is it democratic that in 2005 Labour who had 35% of the vote ended up with 55% of the seats. If 35% voted for them then that meanss 65% didnt. Why should 35% of the electorate get represented so overwhelmingly. Using STV it would ensure that %of votes reflected better % of seats gained by the party.

UKIP had nearly 1 million votes in the 2010 election yet didnt get a single seat, Greens got 250,000 votes yet only 1 seat. If these many citizens are voting for these parties it is becuase they believe in their policies. If that is the case then thosee party policies should be heard in Parliament.

Using STV would also ensure that we have coillision governments because it is unlikley that one sinlee party will get over 50% of the vote. One party governments are bad becuase they are always run by either the few or leader at the top. That person or people can then pass legeslation that they want and might go against what the majority of people in the UK want. Coillision governments means that the two or more parties will have to meet half way and listen to others to reach legeslation that can benefit more people rather than just the 35% of the public.

In order for a government to have the majority of seats in Parliament they should have to have the majority of the votes, using STV would ensure that and would also tackle elitist and authoritarian governments.

Why does this matter?

For true political change we need our country to become more democratic and therefor have a more democratic way of elected our governments.

By making the % of votes represent the % of seats accuratly more peoples opinions will be heard, this could incourage political participation. If peoples votes are wasted, opinions underepresented or not represented at all then people will fall out of touch with politics, take no keen intrest in it and that will open the door to abusive and authoritarian governments.

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