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Single Welsh Police Force

Comment 26th July 2010

In this current climate of money saving and cut backs then why doesn't the Government/Welsh assembly force through an amalgamation of the 4 Welsh police services and save Welsh taxpayers a small fortune. It has been talked about several times, but never amounted to anything. One force equals one Chief Constable/Commisioner, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds each year on not having to employ the other three. Use the money saved to employ more probationary constables, which is exactly what is required by the public, more police on the streets fighting crime. Add to that the reduction in other Chief Officer roles, which each service currently employ and you save even more money. Reduce further the need for so many other junior ACPO ranks such as Chief Superintendents and Chief Inspectors and the total saving is massive. It would cut red tape and improve communication across the Nation, therefore improving the ability to deal with crime better. One force , one system, one direction, one heck of a saving in the long term. Admittedly it would have an initial set up cost, but the saving long term would be huge. I am sure the model could be implemented in England, where more money could be saved. Why have 42 forces? Surely if The Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police can work, then other amalgamations would work equally well. While we are at it, why not have one computer system for all the forces and one intelligence system, that is used by all. Perhaps then we would actually know what is happening across then country.

Then look at the amount of civillian support staff in each force and reduce the numbers dramatically. Why are there so many office workers in each force. Who runs who?

Then look at the amount of police officers in office based roles and return them all to front line policing and investigate the need for such roles and the possibility of moving freed up support staff into these roles.

I do not want to see anyone lose their jobs, but needs must. The police service is top heavy with too many bosses and too many civillian support staff.

Make the savings and then employ the right people in the right areas.

Why does this matter?

To restructure the Police service and ensure proper policing across Wales now and into the future. Add to that the need for reduction in public spending and we have an opportunity to secure a future for Welsh policing, that will be respected across the world for its efficiency and results.

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