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small business rate relief and micro companies

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

The rating sysyem on small industrial premises where most small business operate is disproportionate to the revenue that these companies make. Currently there are only two provisions in the system either you own a small business defines as having a turnover of, I think a million or less and large business as having a turnover exceeding this amount. How about emerging micro companies. I myself have a micro company operating making small boats for the uk market our turnover is less than £175,000. However I pay rates the same as a company doing almost 6 times the turnover. I propose that micro companies in manufacturing should get a quarterly sliding scale of rates defined from the profits made and not set down as a fixed monthly figure which sometimes is not achievable on a monthly basis to pay. I have only 2 full time workers and 2 part time. I am doing what I can take drive the business forward but realistically, a sliding scale set within the current system would ensure that the business could grow much more quickly and not have the headache of facing court enforced payments when things are slow. This would also save money on courts and other areas..  I am fairly sure no one will even read this but who knows.. Best regards Jonathan

Why does this matter?

Its important because we are in recession and to get out we need forward thinking business solutions to ease the suffering. Companies that could be profitable are going to the wall because of simple bills like rates (which are too high) Cant be met on a deadline on occasions. Flexibility is the key..

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One Response to small business rate relief and micro companies

  1. Tim Hampton says:

    I completely agree. I am about to be hit with a bill from the council that I have no idea how I’m going to pay. I run rehearsal space for bands and I have no members of staff accept me. My turnover is no more than 15k a year at the moment and I’m expected to pay the same as the engineering company that were in the building before me, who were probably turning over hundreds of thousands. Does anyone know of anything else I can do to try to take action on this?

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