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Smearing campaign

Comment 21st July 2010

In this country law is ‘you are not guilty until proven so’, therefore, any crime or wrongdoings should be proved before and a person should be given chance to defend herself/himself before somebody is put on any sort of offence register. If a person is innocent and not given chance to clear misunderstanding it could have a very bed consequences for their future life. They could be turned down for job and all other things not even to know why all this is happening to them. Nobody has right to seal anybody’s future without a 100% proof of that person’s crime or wrongdoings.

Why does this matter?

Because I was victim of this smears that could cost me my future and put me in position that I would never know why I could not get and hold a job, only I was lucky that I married man who was my boss and he told me when I started working for him he received a letter from Social Security to watch me because I did something incriminating.

Now, I would explain more about my case. I came to the UK with my family from a war torn country. Three years after coming here my marriage broke up and my ex husband decided to go back to our country and I decided to stay here with my daughter. At that time I was at a college learning English language and computing to improve my chances to get job here in the future. Because we were on Income Support and  we were divorcing, I wanted to carry on claiming before I could get job and support me and my daughter, so, I went to talk to my tutor at the college to issue me letter that I am at college learning English and Computing. I was asked by her “did you do something wrong in your country of origin that you are afraid to go back to it” and I answered to her that I did not do anything wrong and when people are divorcing they do not go same way, that is the reason why they are going their different ways. And sometime after that I mention this to one person and I was told that foreign students attending any institution have their profile created by their tutor and teachers. To be honest, I did not think about this much and I forgot all of this. At that time I was a very depressed and scared because of an unknown future waiting for me and because of all this anxiety I got red in the face very easily but what people don’t know is that I get red easily because of my fair completions, so this was marked as if I did some crime and that is the reason that I get red when I talk to somebody.

When I finished learning English and Computing, I started applying for jobs and soon I got one. I was very happy and carried on with my life as normal as it could be never noticing anything around me. I worked for four years for my boss who later became my husband. When we got married he joined me to his private business and I become partner in business with him. We run business till 2009 and during his illness, he was ill for quite sometimes, I was running business on my own. And we only sold it because of his illness, he become disabled and needed care 24/7 so, I become his full time career, unfortunately he passed away recently.  After we sold business in one of our conversation before my late husband passed away he told me that he received letter from Social Security Office concerning me and that the letter was a very compromising. He told me how wrong they were in incriminating me because he said I watched every one of your move at the beginning and I could not see that you are doing anything wrong.  We were married for over seven years and run business same amount of years. Therefore, would anybody marry and give half of the business to somebody with such a bad moral.

I never did anything wrong  either in this country nor in my country of origin, never had police record in neither countries and always live and obey to the low in both country. I live in UK for the last 17 years and if I would be person with such a bad moral and character it would be shown in all those years.

Now I would like if somebody could give me advice whom to write to clear my name because I would like to go back to work but I am afraid that my new employer would get the same letter that my boss/ husband got. I was lucky at that time because my boss/husband was naturalised British like me so, he wanted to give me chance to prove my innocence, but I am not sure many people would do the same. I am British citizen but I never strip my original citizenship and I visit my country of origin a very often (last time I was there in June 2010), so, if I did anything wrong there I would not go there in fear to be arrested. I went there with my late husband very often, in 2004 we went their three times in the same year and while he could travel we went there at least once a year. And in any case there is Embassy of my country of origin in London and it could be contacted and ask if I ever did anything wrong there, not just assume things and put somebody on incriminated record for life not even to give chance to person to defend and clear its name if they are innocent.

Therefore, I could not believe that things like this could happen in the democratic country like UK with one of the best Justice System in the world and democracy that a lot of country could only dream to have and envy us.


With Kind regards,

Mrs F.H.

P.S. Probably this could be reason that my daughter never got full time job and still struggling to get one, eight years after finishing University.

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