Smoking ban

This ban has been the most draconian, unrepresentative law in my lifetime. Despite the health arguments associated with passive smoking (though non have been conclusively proven), the ban has not been proportional to the potential risk (if any).

The freedom to smoke in a public house was a right that millions upon millions valued and since that right has been withdrawn by the government countless numbers of pubs are closing- and closing at a rapid rate.

There was no clamour for a smoking ban, it was merely a law by a government merely to exercise its power. An ingrained and communicative culture has been sabotaged by the ban. People survived before the ban and survived happily.

The law should be abrogated and abrogated NOW. It's demoralising and unfair. The Labour Party have forever lost my vote because of the ban and they will NEVER get it back.

Why does this idea matter?

The people of this country have little to look forward to. We are going through hard times. The repeal of the smoking ban would help to alleviate the plight of pub chains as well as the concern people are are feeling about the increasing involvement of government in every day affairs.

Since the ban, I have felt demoralised and ashamed of my country and my government. This is a law that needs to be appealed at the soonest opportunity. It ain't fair, it ain't proportional and it's a law that just wasn't wanted by the people that chose YOU to represent them. This is not just a mere myopic personal opinion. It is popular knowledge that pubs are closing because of the ban- a sure sign that the ban was unwanted. The correlation is undeniable.

Do the right thing and instil some confidence in government once more. You're not there to control us, you're there to represent us.

When the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny. When the government are afraid of the people, there is freedom.

It's the right thing to do. Please do it. If I am proven wrong and even more pubs close if the law is repealed, I will accept defeat graciously.


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