Smoking Ban modification

I believe that the total smoking ban is wrong and unjust.. . Why not allow pups or clubs to have a room or bar set aside for smokers. This would allow nonsmokers or smokers to chose where they would prefer to drink. It appears to me, that the only reason for a complete ban, was for the socalled nany state inposing the goverments will on everybody else.

Why does this idea matter?

The reason being although I am not a smoker, people have a wright to choose. Why not allow pups, or clubs, to have a room set by for smokers or non-smokers. It should be up to the landlord how he wishes to accomadate his patrons, and not down to the goverment imposing there will, as though we are not adult enough to make up our minds on smoking. If people do not wish to go to pups allowing smoking, or non-smoking, they can always go to a pup, or club, which catters for thier needs. This is democracy.

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