smoking ban repeal

the smoking ban is the worst example of peoples freedom, smoking is now being blamed for just about every illness in society, people are scared stiff to being next to a smoker, as there fear there will get cancer, it dose not entry there minds about pollution from cars, which pours out from the exhaust pipe, 100% poison, & there are millions of cars, or where there work ect, i have worked in factories all my life, & seen the pollution in factories, which nothing can be done 100%. i go to northern spain a lot & have seen how there cope with smoking in there environment, in bilbao in the top store there, in the restaurant, the have a restaurant in a restaurant for smoker, it is all glassed of, & as air vent machine not sure what, but you cannot smell smoke anywhere, it was fantastic, so if the spanish can do it why cant we, give pups & clubs a choice not a blanket ban, & why is it now that more people die of lung cancer, who have never smoked, than when most people smoked in the past, the answer is there if people care to find out about it, its in your genes, you can live your life health if you want but you will still die of whats in your genes, that's life, all theses anti smoker need to read the evidences that is out there, 

Why does this idea matter?

there needs to be a place for smoker in our society, a bit of common sense most be applied, other european countries are now seeing the affects of the smoking ban & are relaxing the ban & in some cases getting rid of it, or not applying it, i have seen it, we will have no pups or clubs left in this country the way we are going on, i dont like lots of things i see in my country, but i dont want to ban them,  

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