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Smoking: Either outlaw pictures of corpses and cancers on cigarette packets or compel aircraft to be emblazoned with these too

Comment 10th August 2010
Repeal the law requiring pictures of corpses or cancers on cigarette packets, or compel airlines to place notices of CO2 emissions per passenger, amount of fuel tax examption (i.e tax subsidy) per passenger and pictures of devastated planets and corpses from aircraft crashes on all aircraft.
In other words, stop the irrational scapegoating and demonisation of smokers, or demonise aircraft passngers too…
and cars (pictures of road death victims on sides)…meat eaters…('planet destroyer' and corpses on all meat)….fat eaters…('planet destroyers' on packs of fatty food)…drug users (pot head tatooed on foreheads?)….obese people…('greedy fatty' and health warnings on all food)…pet owners…('pets carry fleas and disease' stamped on all pets)…political expense abusers…('greedy gravy train addict' signs on homes)…and so on ad infinitum
because we are all damaging our planet in one form or another.

Why does this matter?

I really don't want aircraft to be forced to carry notices and pictures of corpses and of the huge damage they do to our health, environment and planet.

That would be crazy and offensive, as crazy and offensive as forcing cigarette smokers to buy packs of cigarettes with pictures of corpses on them.

I simply want an end to the discrimination against smokers.

It is totally unjust for aircraft, which damage our planet,  are a primary cause of damaging Co2 emissions, of climate change and of environmental and air pollution and which spray health damaging, toxic chemicals and caricinogens over us all, not to be forced to be emblazoned with offensive picturess as long as cigarette packs are.

We even exempt aircraft from fuel tax while taxing smokers around £5 per pack!

Stop treating smokers as sub human, second class citizens!.

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