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Smoking is Legal, Remove the Ban.

Comment 6th July 2010

The smoking ban should be removed,  it  is a failure, both in stopping people smoking and helping business.

In Privately owned business we have closed by the thousands because of the smoking ban.

In our hospitals/mental instituations  the inhumane treatment of smokers beggars belief.

All because of a whiff of smoke that may be easily remove with air conditioners.

The lies that have been fed to the public about SHS have been uncovered.

Scientists are being removed from their jobs because they refuse to lie.

Remove The Smoking Ban Now.

Why does this matter?

We need our business to survive,  we need to treat patients (especially those waiting for death)  humanly,  we need community centres that caters to everyone in the community (no exceptions),

We Need to Stop the manufactured fear that tears people and there neighbours apart,  that tells children if Mum/Dad or anyone else smokes they are dangerous. 

Stop the lies.

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