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Smoking versus Industrial Pollution

Comment 6th July 2010

We smokers are, perhaps, the ONLY members of society who are discriminated against and I feel very strongly that we have the right to smoke in public places, provided we don't invade spaces designated to non-smokers.

If what 'they' say about passive smoking were true then my own children – and most other 30-50 year-olds – would now be suffering from smoking-related diseases, since nearly everybody smoked when I was young (I'm 68).

I am forever amazed at the power of the Politically Correct Brigade and the devious means by which they have convinced politicians and the medical profession that smoking is the sole cause of cancers and other respiratory diseases….yet no-one, to my knowledge, has carried out research to discover whether there are more cancer sufferers in cities (where pollution from other sources is so much higher) than in country communities.

Until they do, I'm not convinced.

Why does this matter?

We need research to prove that smoking – and not other industrial pollutants – is the sole cause of respiratory diseases,   City versus country;  toxic pollution versus fresh air!  Where is the research?!!!

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