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Comment 24th July 2010

On this site there appears to be a major divide between people who want criminals punished (up to and including capital punishment) and those who think that all criminals need to put them back on the straight and narrow is love and understanding.

So here is an idea.  Close most prisons (a major saving) and send all convicted criminals to lodge with those who wish to love and understand them.  Convicts will lodge with their carer for the time handed out by the court.  The carer will receive no financial gain for this but will obviously have the pleasure of telling everyone how they were right when the criminal in their charge becomes a responsible member of society.  The carer will be responsible for the behaviour of their criminal and will ensure that no other member of the public is inconvenienced or hurt in any way. If the carer fails they go to one of the remaining prisons with their charge for as long as it takes to achieve the desired result.

This seems like a win/win situation.


Why does this matter?

Liberals are convinced all criminals can be 'cured' with understanding and love.

Others believe that criminals should be punished harshly to prevent re-offending.

This solution should please everyone.

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