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Southern water and the Water Council ruling.

Comment 3rd July 2010

The water meter told me my bill for water used was  £40  a year. Yet my invoice from Southern Water says £195. It was made up with standing orders and water coming down from rooftops. I asked the Water Council about this old council tax way of charging for water and they said: (Quote)

For instance, the standing charge for water for metered customers will cover the cost of reading the meter and eventually replacing it.  The cost to the company to provide these services remains the same whether the customer uses no water, or millions of litres.  It would not be fair for a high consumer to pay for the services contained in the standing charge over and over in every unit of water consumed.  For consumers who use very little metered water, this does sometimes result in standing charges at a relatively higher level than other charges. (unquote)


I believe this system is still linked to the old rating scheme and as not been removed. Therefore, upon privatization the government who produce legislation gave the water companies a financial advantage over the consumer.

Are they saying that the £20 meter reading only covers the cost of the meter replacement and the cost of reading it? In that case I would say there is a definite overcharge- when do you replace meters every ten or twenty years? You read meters twice a year! I also need to read the actual water meter to see that you do not overcharge, but it is in the middle of the pavement or street.

They say it would not be fair for a high consumer to pay a higher standing charge. Water Council – once again the millionaires and high paid executives in this country must love you! 

Would it not be fairer to put a percentage charge on standing charges, or do away with them altogether using a percentage system on water consumed?

Why does this matter?

Once again this is the divide between rich and poor that needs to be resolved. You cannot pick and choose your water supplier. Labour could never see that utilities like Council tax, gas, electric and water are causing this divide. They throw money at everybody even the highly paid who certainly do not need it.

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