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Speed Limits – signage and road markings

Comment 9th July 2010

Not really a law repeal just a suggestion.

The way speed limits change on roads is stupid.  One road I use regular from Bradford to Leeds is about 2 miles long, in that space it changes from 40 to 30 to 40 to 30 to 40 to 30 to 60.

A speed limit should be set for at least 3 miles, and should be set for the lowest speed across that section.  There is no benefit from being able to travel at 40 for 500 yards – and the sudden decrease in speed by cars can cause more accidents.

The only exception to this would be on rural roads passing through villages where the 30 zone does not need to be a full 3 miles if not necessary, and on overtake areas on steep hills.

Also do we really need to be told a roundabout has a speed limit of 30mph where  a 40mph road crosses a 60mph road?  Are we really so daft we expect to cross one at 60mph?

The new roundabout markings hat show every permutation of routes around them are so confusing as to be useless. Just show the lanes if necessary, we don't need to know all the possible areas to change lanes.  the extra paint on the road just makes them slippy.

Why does this matter?

saves money

less signs to install / maintain.  less roadmarkings

easier for the driver to understand roads, simpler road system – less problems with drivers trying to force their 'right of way'

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