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Speed up and simplify the delivery of cycle schemes

Comment 21st July 2010

The Scottish Government's recently published Cycling Action Plan wants to speed up and simplify a range of measures for the delivery of schemes that benefit cyclists eg road closures and contra-flow cycle lanes.  With very little funding going to local authorities for local transport in the coming years, cycle schemes are likely to be hit financially even if they do represent excellent value for money.  Road closures and contra-flow cycle schemes can benefit cyclists by making journeys in urban areas very quick and give them a time advantage over cars etc.  This can be done at very little cost.  The Scottish Government has not ruled out reforms to the range of traffic management measures which require Traffic Regulation Orders.  We should review what measures require a traffic regulation order in the rest of the UK.   

Why does this matter?

If more people cycle either on ordinary push bikes or on electrically assisted bicycles (which have been shown to count as moderate exercise) then there are going to be health, economic and environmental benefits.   

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