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Comment 9th July 2010

speeding laws need to be reviewed to ensure Safety to those 'on' or 'in the proximity of the roads.' Common sence, however,  needs also to be used when policing these laws.

For example doing 80 on an empty M6 motorway at 0600 on a Sunday morning is not unsafe and therefore to enforce that law affectively becomes pointless. you guest it that's how i was court!

unfortunately cameras are often deployed, in such positions just to catch people out.  in this form the law is not being used for protection but for taxation.

if the police, were encouraged to police in this way it would bring them much greater respect from the general public.

Why does this matter?

to bring back some common sence when policing our roads. Dangerous drivers need to be corrected. Speeding is dangerous but when driving faster than the speed limit this is not always the case.

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