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Comment 2nd July 2010

Change the speeding points system to that of other EU countries such as Germany.

Why does this matter?

The curent points system is grossly unfair in UK.  Those who drive 20 miles over the speed limit receive the same fine and points on their licence as those who go a couple of miles over the speed limit and are caught on camera.  In Germany, they have a system where fines are given without points for inadvertantly going over the speed limit.  This is teared to between 20-60 euro's.  To charge £60 and give 3 points for going 5 miles over the speed limit in UK is grossly unfair.  The real speed offenders seem to get away racing through our towns but those who fail to drop their speed quickly when entering a lower speed zone are penanlised with points on a licence which criminalizes them and affects insurance.   At least the Germans are honest enough to say speeding finds are about money not saving lives.

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