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Sport Rehabilitation degrees should be ‘rubber stamped’ for inclusion on the HPC Register

Comment 1st July 2010

Students with the above degree are unable to find employment with sports teams because they are not HPC registered. I have an e mail from the Health Professions Council saying the The British Assoc. of Sports Rehabilitators have argued for statutory regulation. Their reply continues – However, any final decision about wether a profession should be regulated is one for Government as this involves legislation and parliamentary time. In 2007 a White Paper said that the priorities were psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellos, healthcare scientists and other psychologists and, to date, only psychologists have become regulated. No decision has been made by government as to whether sports rehabilitators will become regulated in the future.

This degree is accepted in Australia, USA, Canada etc and we have the Universities still offering a dregree that is not recognised here. Surely inclusion on the HPC register should be automatic.

Why does this matter?

Students are not recognised by either the FA or RFU because they lack HPC registration. There must be hundreds of these degrees hard worked for every year then they hit a brick wall yet have to keep up to date with their own associations requirements ie on going training. All this has to be paid for yet they are unable to practice. So apart from owing thousands  of pounds in student loans they have no job.

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