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Squatters rights

Comment 15th March 2013

Having had all my tools stolen from a house that was due to be refurbed.I called the police because there were squatters in the premises and I could see my tools inside .The police said I could'nt enter the property as the squatters had put a sign on the doors and windows that it was their right to squat there and it was now their home.My idea is that no person may enter a building and claim any rights.As Iam aware that there are properties that are empty for years.For the squatters they should apply to the local athorities for permission to enter and set up home , if the athorities  cannot contact the owner after say 3mths.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important the fact that squatters cause misery for thousands of people, mentally and finacially.This will make the law clear for homeowners and squatters..

This will free up police time and also free up the courts and of coarse the legal aid bill.

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