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squatters rights law being abolished and building rights

Comment 4th July 2010

1.  that when a house is empty no one but family should beb able to take it over not a random stranger who found it empty

2.  if people build onto someones else home with out permission and refuse to take it down they should be made to no matter how long it may of been up and the people in question should pay for its removel from there own pockets

Why does this matter?

 1.  because if it was a house of a family member and it was took over by someone you did not know how would you feel? this happens to people all over the country so either build a place for homeless people to stay or help them find a place of there own.

 2.  because if there are two houses that are detached next to each other and one of them builds onto the other it will lower the intrestlevel and value of the house and if the house that has been built onto wants to sell it would not be able to be sold for the full amount due to the new structure that has been added onto the wall of the property.  

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