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Stand up for atheists/humanists; why aren’t we covered under religious hate crime?

Comment 20th July 2010

Due regard and protection should be given to Atheists and Humanists. Public slander (especially from religious figures and that broadcast by the BBC) should not be tolerated, as it wouldn't be if it were aginst any other set of believers.

Why does this matter?

'Secular" Britain is slammed as amoral and the root of all problems by the religous heads of this country. Hate messages broadcast almost daily on the BBC's morning religous slot. Atheists/humanists hold considered morals. Our morals come from a deep belief in humankind and a desire to include and further all humanity. They are considered, not passed down as rules. Why are we descriminated against again and again? Why is our belief in science and the rational dismissed with such contempt?

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