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Start Managing the EU Social (slush) Fund

Comment 5th July 2010


There is a tremendous disparity in how these funds are put to use.  I've done enough homework to make me 'concerned'. 

There are organisations that use this as a slush fund for little public benefit, and there is money being siphoned off into the private sector with no 'payback' to the common purse, whilst at the same time raping small businesses. 

Want to know what I mean- Start 'results' testing recipients of these monies, look into the grant system- man every crook this side of the Atlantic is bottom feeding off this system- in my uninformed opinion. 

Go visit the NEA, SEEDA, and the host of other recipients of these monies and see what they are actually doing with the money.  Not much- if you get past the fascade.

Tighten up the purse strings and stop the Gravy Train mentality.

Payback for the national purse- and not payback for private sector, and largesse for the public sector. 

My opinion only- doesn't make it right- yet I am convinced the use of these moneies needs an overhaul and a 'no sugar' low fat new diet.



Why does this matter?

The system in my opinion is under constant and ongoing threat from administrators, and recipients. 

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