State Pensions

I think that you should take the state pensions out of the personal allowance brackets – i.e. when we have to fill in our tax returns each year we all have a certain amount of personal allowance available.

Why does this idea matter?

Taking the state pension out of the equation will give pensioners slightly more money to spend.  Our state pension has already come out of taxed income anyway.  This will also allow us to earn more before being taxed.  Pensioners need to have more funds available now as we have to support ourselves for longer and the state pension will not do this alone.  It has to be supplemented and if we can work for longer then we should have the facility to earn more before tax is applied.

Private pensions are a different matter and some are taxed, some not.  It is the state pensions that I am concerned about and I think you must look into this.  It is historical, but needs to be looked into urgently.

Many thanks.

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